My journey

I was feeling so fragmented... as if I had no solid foundation under my feet.

Finally, I realized that I was lacking grounding.

Unlike the summer, I'm indoors often, never walk barefoot or even touch the earth. I was blocking myself from the Earths healing energy. I started bringing home beach stones because holding them made me feel better. Lightbulb moment!! Wouldn't standing on a whole mat of beach stones make me feel even better?! Barefoot on the first mat, my grounding, acupressure and meditation practice began. Anxiety and depression became manageable and now I actually enjoy the winter! So much attention is paid to physical health, while mental and energetic health is lacking in resources and comes with a stigma. My mission is to put mental and energetic health in the spotlight while fighting the stigma. I would be honored if you would join me in this fight!

My Process

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Words of Encouragement

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