stone offering
  1. What is the base material the rocks are glued to?  I get the base mat material from my local hardware store.  It is recycled material approx. ¼ inch thick.  It is flexible, waterproof, and high heat resistant.                                   
  2. What type of glue do you use? It is an industrial strength adhesive that does have an odor when first applied. Odor fades before curing time is completed 24-72 hours.   The adhesive is waterproof, flexible and heat resistant.            
  3. Where do you get your stones?  I have a variety of Maine beaches I go to at least once a week.  I collect each stone individually with intention.                  
  4. Can I put it outside?  Absolutely!  Your mat can be placed anywhere you desire as it is durable, weather and waterproof.                                                
  5. Can I put my mat inside the shower?  Yes, however, let me know this is your wish and I will drill drainage holes evenly throughout the mat.                         
  6. Will I still get grounded if I have my shoes on?  Not likely.  For full grounding and acupressure results stand on your mat barefoot.                                       
  7. What if my feet are too sensitive?  When reflexologists work acupressure points on the feet, sore spots often indicate an area of the body that requires attention.  This is NOT a diagnostic tool. To build up a tolerance, start stepping on your mat with socks for tolerable periods of time.  Increase time and remove socks as tolerated. The mats also have flatter areas so choose what feels good.  Consult your doctor for any foot pain.  Never use mat if it is painful.