Freedom in the fall



I love the beginning of every season because nature reminds me how to prepare for what is to come. Fall is here. While the trees are shedding their leaves, you can shed what no longer serves you.

Clutter and fear stories.

Our home environment often reflects our internal environment.

Extra “stuff” is a common indicator that you may be over stretched.

What things do you actually need on a daily basis?

What things do you need occasionally?

What things have been tucked away so long that you can count the layers of dust?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying get rid of all the family heirlooms. However, I’m willing to bet you have extra “stuff” beyond the sentimental items that you could part with. The internet makes it so easy to sell your unwanted items- FaceBook Marketplace, Ebay, Craig’s list, local yard sale pages and the list goes on. You CAN do it and your spirit will thank you. Now you can turn your extra money into memories not messes.

Now for the really tough stuff. What fear stories have you been telling yourself?

What is holding you back from your greatest joy?

We are human, we all have fears. I fear failure and judgement. I plague myself with “but if’s”and I “should” myself into a paralyzed overwhelm.

Get honest with yourself. What negative beliefs and fears are you ready to shed?

Once you have this identified your are ready for the next steps:

1. Find a quiet place and get comfortable.

2. Get grounded - use a Gaia’s Ground Mat, take a bath or simply touch the Earth.

3. Write it all out

4.Take a deep breath and set an intention to release your fears with the out breath. Either burn or rip the paper to shreds.

5. Rewrite your story either on paper or in your imagination with a positive perspective.

6. Set empowering affirmations. “Your energy flows where your attention goes”, Gabrielle Bernstein. Rather than feeding the fire of fear, feed the fire of your unlimited potential.

It is time. Release and fly before hunkering down for the winter! Find me next month for Winter survival tips!

For more info, click here:  grounding/earthing.

For more about fear stories: book “The Universe Has Your Back” Gabrielle Bernstein